About Me

     I am a graduate from the University of Southern California who studied Business Administration at the Marshall School of Business. I am notably a co-founder of both Fanfix and QuikPlace.

     My entrepreneurial journey ‘officially’ began in 2018 when I co-founded Xhibit Arts. In addition, I helped work on Hypremium., an iOS hype-wear marketplace. Both of which have garnered attention from a vast number of publishers and investors. In addition, I also create art in several forms, such as painting, graphic design, and short films. I have hosted two pop-ups, one in Los Angeles on Melrose in 2018 and another in Miami during Art Basel 2019. These experiences have allowed me to get a solid grasp of consumer relations, sales, marketing tactics, and overall strategy.

     In 2020 I decided to put my entire focus into QuikPlace (known as QuikTok until January 2021), the first ever all-in-one influencer marketing platform, while also attending university. In the simplest terms, QuikPlace focuses on the promotion of artists and brands through influencers across social media platforms such as TikTok, Instagram, YouTube, and Twitter. Since our launch in late March of 2020, we have onboarded 8,000+ influencers with an overall reach of 6B+, making us the largest public influencer marketplace worldwide. Our focus at QuikPlace is transparency and creating a seamless experience for users through streamlining influencer promotions. QuikPlace can be found via website, iOS App, and Android app. QuikPlace has also been published in Forbes, as well as several other reputable publishers (linked under ‘Press’).

     A year later (2021), I felt I wasn’t doing enough and wanted to immerse myself even more in the creator economy. I went on to cofound Fanfix, notably alongside Cameron Dallas and raised $1.3M over two rounds (as of 2022). In July 2022 Fanfix was acquired by SuperOrdinary for an undisclosed 8-figure amount. In short, Fanfix is a clean, exclusive content platform for creators to build out their exclusive communities (we are the only platform that is 13+ and have content moderators that monitor all content and engagement from /with the creator’s subscribers). Fanfix is also an exclusive platform in the sense that we operate on an invite-only basis; all creators must apply to become a creator on Fanfix. Creators set their own monthly subscription price while building a community of their loyal fans. Creators can post behind the scenes content, blogs, photo drops, host meet and greet Zoom sessions, provide early access to giveaways and so much more. We have also released new features such as tips and pay-per-messaging where creators can set a message rate and fans will pay to message the creator.

Tanner Kesel

Co-Founder at Fanfix & QuikPlace